One of My Happy Memories of Santa Claus

  One memorable Christmas Eve when we were pre-schoolers, my sister Laura and I spent the night at our grandparents’ house.  At bedtime, Grandma told us to settle down on the sofa on the “back porch”, a small, 4-season enclosure just off the kitchen.  The room was just big enough to contain a small sofa facing […]

Thanksgiving Always Brings Me Thoughts of My Father

The dying of an estranged family member is at least as difficult as the dying of a close loved one. Emotions surface that we had suppressed or even repressed, and we have to make decisions under the influence of those emotions. Uncle Phil’s recent, sudden illness and process of dying was no exception. Partially because […]

The Meaning of Life and Setting Goals – Part One: A Phone Chat with Mom

After a significant birthday, I have been examining my life goals and evaluating what to do with the rest of my life. A phone call with Mom put things into perspective.

Overcoming My Past – Part 3 – It takes Work to combat inertia!

This body has been at rest for the greater part of the last nine years, being sedentary as a student and then as a marketing professional. Building momentum to combat inertia will require consistent, persistent Work (physics). Knowing this is true, and consciously choosing to act on this knowledge, I went out for another jog. […]

Overcoming My Past – Part 2 – Yes, I can jog safely.

If you have not yet done so, you may want to read Part 1 first. At first, Derek invited me to take the plunge and go with him on his second jog. I thought I’d prefer to go alone so I could think rather than have the company. He had told me to think while […]