Overcoming My Past – Part 2 – Yes, I can jog safely.

If you have not yet done so, you may want to read Part 1 first.
At first, Derek invited me to take the plunge and go with him on his second jog. I thought I’d prefer to go alone so I could think rather than have the company. He had told me to think while running or jogging “yes, I can!” to help me believe, and I wanted to practice doing so. When I was appropriately dressed and ready to head outside, Dr. Derek added a clarifier: “I’ll go out with you. You won’t get hurt if you let me show you how to jog.”

Outside, Derek showed me how he jogs. It isn’t pretty. From my perspective, his technique is rather silly looking. (Enter visual of John Cleese doing a silly-walk skit on Monty Python’s Flying Circus. If you never saw it or want a reminder, watch the video here.) Regardless of societal norms, Derek does what he does for health, not for show. Besides, not only does he have more formal education than I, and a medical license, he practices what he preaches: he eats healthfully, exercises, meditates…He sets an excellent example for his patients, especially for me since we are housemates. Therefore, I’ll put my ego in check and be compliant. I’ll aim for his demonstrated technique without concern for my appearance silly-jogging down the street, keeping my show on stage in business and musical presentations.

Derek watched me emulate him. After just a few minutes, when he was satisfied that I understood his direction and would jog his way, he told me I was ready. I jogged away from him and in just 50 feet my right ankle hurt and I stopped. “Really?,” I wondered as I turned to glance at Derek watching me. He said to run through it and think “I can do it!” It brought me back to Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within and the fact that I am a Firewalker. I am a Firewalker! Surely I can run, or at least jog for now! Off I went.

My jog was slow and calculated, somewhat methodical. The previous nine years of my sedentary lifestyle made breathing while jogging more difficult than I’d like to admit. I alternated jogging and walking just to catch my breath, not for any pain. When I realized I was walking for long enough that my heart rate slowed, I jogged again, hearing my inner voice saying, “Keep going!” Aside from the brief ankle pain, I experienced no adverse musculo-skeletal issue. At all. The fear the doctors instilled in me nine years ago – clearly with my permission – was for naught and apparently unwarranted. While jogging, I thought about how jogging and eventually running regularly might change me in mindset and spirit, as well as physical improvements.

I did it. I jogged. Taking charge of this old, senseless fear is a step in the right direction of overcoming my past adversities so I can move forward with strength, ease, and grace. I can do it. I can jog.

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