Highlights of My 2014

I’ve never been a great fan of rollercoasters, and the older I get, the more I steer clear of them, both the amusement park variety and the metaphorical type.
My year 2014 has been a milder roller coaster ride than previous years. More like the Kiddie Land version instead of a wild Six Flags ride. Thank goodness! 

Here are some of the highlights I’m willing to share publicly:
  • I learned more about my values and deal-breakers with regard to an ideal primary relationship.
  • Finished three academic classes: Ethics and Entrepreneurship for my MBA program (transcript pictured below), and Abnormal Psychology for my BA in Psychology (transcript not available).LMB's BenU Unofficial Transcript
  • Made major progress on my albatross project – emptying my weather-damaged building.dumpster at wet building
  • Spent a good amount of time with my grandchildren and their parents this year, a few hours at a time. I loved popping in on them for quick visits when I was driving through the area!
  • Accepted a job offer to teach English in China. Got my first US Passport! Gave up my condo in Chicago’s West suburbs in preparation for going overseas. One month prior to scheduled departure, the whole thing fall apart due to mis-communication. Moved back to Central Illinois.
  • Learned even more about my values and deal-breakers with regard to an ideal primary relationship.
  • Ended a 2-year bittersweet relationship with an employer. I miss most everyone from there, and there is no person from there I am glad to no longer see. That’s rare.
  • Participated in a professional writing and publishing class, Ripples to Waves, which lead to my article being published on Entrepreneur.com.
  • Had a crazy-cold day-trip date with my son to see a college football game: Northern Illinois Huskies at Western Michigan. Six hours round-trip (plus game time) of alone time to re-bond with my adult son. Sweet rarity; first time in 10 years? Way too long!
    Lisa and son keeping warm after NIU football game
  • Learned more about my values and deal-breakers with regard to an ideal primary relationship. Yep. I think it sunk in, this time.
  • Monthly expenses at year-end are >$500 lower than at the beginning of this year due to my pro-actively reducing rent obligation, phone package, switching insurance, and not renewing service subscriptions.
  • Attended Christmas Day without anxiety or tears! This was a first in many, many years. My “why” should be  separate blog post.
  • This website reached an Alex rating in the 200,000s!
  • Decided just this morning NOT to move to the lake house, despite all the pros. More about what I have chosen, instead in my post about my 2015 goals.Sunrise at the lake house


I’m grateful to have made this progress on major projects and personal growth. I am grateful for the good people in my life who have helped me get to where I am today. I haven’t quite “made it”, yet, but I have come a looong way – STOP! Please. Don’t call me “Baby.”  Unless I call you “Mom”. 😉


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