Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine Research Link

When I was a pre-med student in community college, I was fortunate to have a friendly acquaintance who was a PhD in physiology. Through him, I was able to secure a student position at the United States Veterans Administration at Hines where I had an introduction to real research. My position was essentially that of […]

Mohop Shoes on the MOVE!

Hey!  Exciting news! Remember my previous post about Mohop Shoes? Well, Annie Mohaupt and her Chicago-based Mohop Shoes will be on Science Channel’s How It’s Made on October 24, 2014! Call me weird, but I’ve watched every one of their YouTube videos! I’m not a shoe lover, but I do love the ingenuity of the […]

MOHOP Shoes: US-Made, Woman-Owned, Eco-Friendly, Vegan, and Pretty!

The more I learn about Annie Mohaupt and Mohop “infinitely interchangeable shoes”, the more enthusiastic I am about sharing this story.   Annie Mohaupt is a Chicago-based shoemaker who is changing the face of domestic manufacturing with Mohop, an innovative shoe brand with an 8-year-old history. MOHOP was created by Annie and is managed by […]

One of My Happy Memories of Santa Claus

  One memorable Christmas Eve when we were pre-schoolers, my sister Laura and I spent the night at our grandparents’ house.  At bedtime, Grandma told us to settle down on the sofa on the “back porch”, a small, 4-season enclosure just off the kitchen.  The room was just big enough to contain a small sofa facing […]