Who is Lisa M. Blacker?

UPDATE – 2014 Dec 26: This personal blogsite is under re-construction. If you find a functionality issue, dead link, or typo, please let me know via email. Lisa(dot)M(dot)Blacker(at)gmail(dot)com    Thank you.


Welcome, and thanks for visiting my personal blogsite.

About Lisa
I am and I do so many things. My life has been about change and transitions, growing and becoming. I’ll summarize briefly for you now, and the rest you’ll glimpse with each post of mine you read.

Lisa M. Blacker

Lisa M. Blacker

I am, in no special order, an entrepreneurial-spirited sojourner, long-time writer and editor newly published, nurturing family woman, life-long learner, community leader, passionate about business development embracing “First do no harm”, socially compassionate, road traveler, friend, lover, singer, wedding officiant, shutterbug, and tree hugger. I make my decisions and live my life according to The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

About the Blogsite Title
I’ve been asked and challenged about the title of this blog, “The Profound Generalist”. Marketing gurus and career counselors alike have told me I should specialize and promote that specialization. My assertion is that the words generalist and specialist are not mutually exclusive. A generalist is a person with knowledge, skills, and interests in several different fields who may then specialize in one of those fields, which I do, and which I promote elsewhere.

I started blogging sporadically in 2009 under the title Medical Student Success Strategies, and later Health Wealth and Self Exploration. Although I have deliberated over the current title in the past, it has been in placed for a few years now and I believe it suits me well, for now.

About the Content
This is a space where I write about my thoughts, feelings, and experiences. The first half of my life was convoluted and unconventional, sometimes rough and rocky, other times easy-breezy! I have enjoyed rich, wonderful experiences, and rewarding lessons from the not-so-wonderful, all of which have helped me to become the multi-faceted person I am now: philosopher, teacher, consultant, student, writer, entrepreneur, saver-turning-minimalist, and more.

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