Who is Lisa M. Blacker?

UPDATE – 2014 Dec 25: This personal blogsite is under re-construction. If you find a functionality issues, dead link, or typo, please let me know via email. Lisa(dot)M(dot)Blacker(at)gmail(dot)com    Thank you.


Welcome, and thanks for visiting my personal blogsite. This is a space where I write about aspects of my life that don’t quite fit on my business sites, and are longer than I care to post on Facebook: my thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

The first half of my life has been rough & rocky yet easy-breezy, and certainly convoluted and unconventional! I have enjoyed a rich life of wonderful experiences, and rewarding lessons from the not-so-wonderful, all of which have helped me to become the person I am now: friend, philosopher, teacher, consultant, student, writer, lover, family woman, entrepreneur, road traveler, saver-turning-minimalist, and more.

Please join me as I more purposefully design and share the second half of this journey as a spiritual being in the body of Lisa M. Blacker.

Mohop Shoes on the MOVE!

Hey!  Exciting news! Remember my previous post about Mohop Shoes? Well, Annie Mohaupt and her Chicago-based Mohop Shoes will be on Science Channel’s How It’s Made on October 24, 2014! Call me weird, but I’ve watched every one of their YouTube videos! I’m not a shoe lover, but I do love the ingenuity of the …

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Commit or Fail, Part One: Annie Mohaupt of Mohop Shoes

To have both an entrepreneurial spirit and a craft or skill seems to me a wonderful gift.  What a beautiful feeling it must be to discover something you’re good at and enjoy doing that will also provide value to clients who will pay for your product or services. What a joy it must be to …

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