The Psychological and Energetic Power of…Wallpaper Borders?!

Once in a while, I amaze myself. I am physically stronger and more capable than I usually give myself credit for being. A few days ago I posted on Facebook that I had THE meeting and that the result was that I would not be moving from my Pontiac apartment any time soon.

Something came up. The apartment across the hall was vacant and I got to view it…found it to be MUCH more my style, and I moved out of the old and into the new. Myself. My sedentary self. Amazing what motivation can do for a person.

The new place was updated a couple years ago with window blinds and ceiling fans in the bedrooms, new bathroom fixtures and countertop, and new carpeting. It feels fresh.

The old place was partially updated 16 years ago but when they did it, they left the wallpaper borders from the 1980’s that didn’t go with my decor, so it didn’t feel like home. Although I moved into that unit August 1, I didn’t unpack and set-up household, never had company and didn’t like being there except to sleep.

I’ve moved into the new unit and unpacked. Everything is all set-up, already. I feel more contemporary and  vibrant! Even after exerting myself physically more in 48 hours than in the previous six months! Time to have company!

Who knew that 1980 wallpaper borders could have a powerful psychological & energetic affect?!

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