Overcoming My Past – Part 3 – It takes Work to combat inertia!

This body has been at rest for the greater part of the last nine years, being sedentary as a student and then as a marketing professional. Building momentum to combat inertia will require consistent, persistent Work (physics). Knowing this is true, and consciously choosing to act on this knowledge, I went out for another jog. It was a little easier to get up and go this second time than it was the first time, earlier today. I’m planning to go out again early this evening, jogging about the same distance and adding a long walk at the end.

This nice weather reminds me it would be good to take my bicycle out of the basement so I can alternate between jogging and bike riding, to work different muscle groups and to keep moving, conditioning my heart and lungs.

I also realized that all my goals were in progress except for those that pertain to my physical body. I changed that today. I changed ME today.

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