Overcoming My Past – Part 2 – Yes, I can jog safely.

If you have not yet done so, you may want to read Part 1 first. At first, Derek invited me to take the plunge and go with him on his second jog. I thought I’d prefer to go alone so I could think rather than have the company. He had told me to think while […]

Overcoming My Past – Part 1 – Can I run, or at least jog safely?

This morning my roommate Derek went out for a jog, as he often does. As he was tying his shoe laces in preparation, I thought about all the people in my life who run and how they each have a leaner, healthier-looking body than the average person. I thought about what it would be like […]

Review of the Book (1413 of) Those Words by anna ligtenberg

Those Words is the author’s deliciously intimate memoir heavy on young love, seasoned with self-psychoanalysis, mystery, and hope of an escape from the loveless bourgeois, whether by suicide or reconnecting with her long-lost high school sweetheart. Ligtenberg has done an excellent job of tempering the story of her tragic childhood with experiences of love, subtle joy, and friendship.

Growth Occurs Where Attention Was Focused – A follow-up to my Aug 20th post

I’ve been a believer in Law of Attraction. Most of the time. Except that I questioned, as have non-believers and skeptics, “what about all the bad stuff that happens to innocent people?” My early personal history included many situations of bad experiences. Sufficient number to question the thread: what was my role in these experiences? […]

Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, Law of Attraction, and Blissful Ignorance

(written 19 Aug 2012; edited & published 20 Aug 2012) Law of Attraction says what we focus on grows. Thoughts are energy. Energy affects our reality. Reality is whatever we focus on at the moment. Energetically speaking, does that mean if we focus on world peace, love, justice, and compassion, all this negativity in the […]

Progress in Reconstruction with Diversity!

Welcome to my Blog! Please keep in mind that this is my personal site, where I discuss various topics of interest to me including my business ventures, my family, political issues, charitable causes, dating, aging, living life fully, and more, and more! Clearly, each article will not be of interest to every reader. Feel free […]

More Action and Results!

Almost one year ago I unpublished most of my website and blog that I had established a year earlier. It’s hard for me to believe only two years have passed since the cross-country road trip I enjoyed during my sabbatical from medical school! Since then, I’ve grown by leaps and bounds with the guidance of […]

Massive Action and Big Changes!

Welcome! I’ve had so many wonderful experiences in the year since I started this website/blog. Many of them under the category of personal growth and self-discovery. As a result, this website, as it has been, no longer serves my mission and goals. Therefore, I am taking down most of the old posts and redesigning and […]