Student Loan Debt – Justice

Currently, if you rack up thousands of dollars in debt buying sports cars or trips to Tahiti, you can file for bankruptcy. But if you can’t make your payments on the private loans you took out to pay for college, you’re doomed to slide further into financial ruin. Private student loan borrowers need more protection.

A Breath of Not-so-Fresh Air: Lunch on the Street near LAX

The class I was attending on the day I shot this video was Jorge Bueno’s Business Codex: How to Get the Money to Fund Your Passion. In addition to teaching what the title says he will, Jorge shares his wealth of knowledge on the subject of Commerce, starting a business, legal entities, and much more related. This is an excellent opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs and business leaders, as well as potential finance partners. His next class will be April 17 & 18 in Los Angeles. If you are in business, or have ever wanted to be, you must make the time to attend this event.

Please Help Solve Hit & Run!! Jefferson Pk Chicago Late 6/19/2010

Late Saturday June 19, 2010 or very early Sunday, June 20, 2010, my car was plowed in a Hit & Run. Auto parts left at the scene of the crime have been identified as belonging to a Nissan Pathfinder.) My insurance company and I need your help to locate the offending motorist and the vehicle.

My car was parked facing east in Chicago on Lawrence Ave., just East of Linder. This is the southwest corner of Jefferson Park.

On Becoming and Being a Writer

What are you first thoughts as you awake in the morning? Do you moan to yourself, “I have to do A, B and C today” or do you say, “I get to do A, B and C today!”  Lately I find myself jumping out of bed bright and early in the morning, grabbing my laptop […]

All Packed Up and Ready to Roll!

Lisa is at the campus apartment of friend and schoolmate Angi H. and is packed and ready to roll.  The plan is to drive to Pontiac, Illinois, about 90 miles southwest of campus to the home of Pam & Mark T.  to take care of some business in the area, spend two nights, then move […]