Growth Occurs Where Attention Was Focused – A follow-up to my Aug 20th post

I’ve been a believer in Law of Attraction. Most of the time. Except that I questioned, as have non-believers and skeptics, “what about all the bad stuff that happens to innocent people?”

My early personal history included many situations of bad experiences. Sufficient number to question the thread: what was my role in these experiences? What did I create and why?

Early this week, I found some answers during a self-exploration exercise with an Avatar mini-course called The Forgiveness Option. In doing the exercises of the course, I found a few threads and identified my role in creating the garbage of my life. In general, my focus was on “This is what I’m used to. This is what is familiar. This is what I was programmed to believe.” Having done the mini-course, I am now fully a believer in Law of Attraction.

Interesting how “The teacher will appear when the student is ready.” I found this video on creating and co-creating misery because that’s where the focus is, and how the objective is to FOCUS ON WHAT YOU WANT TO MANIFEST, NOT WHAT YOU DO NOT WANT TO MANIFEST!


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