More Action and Results!

Almost one year ago I unpublished most of my website and blog that I had established a year earlier. It’s hard for me to believe only two years have passed since the cross-country road trip I enjoyed during my sabbatical from medical school! Since then, I’ve grown by leaps and bounds with the guidance of various mentors and coaches, acquaintances, and loved-ones. Life is beautiful and purposeful!

Now, with more clarity of direction, I am ready to publish and regularly post content. As you may (or may not) notice, I changed the name of this site from “Health, Wealth, and Self Exploration” to “The Profound Gerneralist; the facets and works of Lisa M. Blacker” with several iterations in between. Some of the posts will be on matters related to Health & Wellness, some to Wealth & Business Development, and still others on the subjects of personal growth, travel, relationships, academia, and existential issues. Everything will not be for everyone, so if you are only interested in a particular category, you may like to subscribe only to the category of interest.

In travel and in life, it seems to me the journey is at least as important as the arrival at one’s destination. For that reason, I have chose to re-publish most of my original posts and have done so with the original publish dates. I have found re-viewing/re-reading the posts helpful in my own personal growth. It is my sincere intention that one or more of them may be helpful to others, as well.

As we each move toward self-actualizing, it makes good sense to maintain a point of reference as to our origin. Like enjoying a few sunny days after a week of rain and gloomy skies, we enjoy the good stuff of life in contrast to the not so good. No matter how you define success, it is sweeter after periods of fruitlessness.

Thanks for reading. ~~ LMB

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