A Breath of Not-so-Fresh Air: Lunch on the Street near LAX


The class I was attending on the day I shot this video was Jorge Bueno’s Business Codex: How to Get the Money to Fund Your Passion.  The workshop was so excellent that I chose to attend a second time July 31 & August 1. In addition to teaching what the title says he will, Jorge shares his wealth of knowledge on the subject of High Commerce, starting a business, legal entities, and much more related.  This is an excellent opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs and business leaders, as well as potential finance partners.  His next class will be November 13 & 14 in Los Angeles. If you are in business, or have ever wanted to be, you must make the time to attend this event.

(originally posted on April 3, 2010; revised on August 25, 2010)

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